Thursday, July 17, 2014


I gotta admit
I find it offensive if people make loud noises when I sleep
I can murder someone because of that
eventhough I was always the perpetrator in others case
as trying to constraint myself to make less sound kinda difficult at times
but people dont usually do that to me
 maybe because I have a nasty temper
or maybe because nobody is just as loud as me

but, when I came home it's all changes
everyday I will be woken up by my parent's screaming to my adik
yep, that pair has discipline as good as none
the screaming kinda drive me crazy for the first few weeks
however, now I'm learning to tune it out

hey, even a light sleeper need to learn to sleep in loud storms, right?

inability to sleep drives me crazy

I really also need to lessen my cups of coffee

insomnia hits me hard

makes my low mood worse

and my head's still hurting

I really need sleep

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